Hi! I'm Kendra! I starting my blogging journey two years ago, when I started my first blog Blogging started as a hobby simply because I love the creative side of blogging and I also love writing. I have since started two additional blogs, where I blog about life as a first time mom, and where I blog about blogging! All 3 are very different, but I love them all equally, and for the different things each one gives me. Blogging has provided me so much self-reflection and personal growth simply by giving me a place to write and reflect. My interest for blogging continued to grow, and I started to educated myself in anyway that I could, in hopes of creating a successful blog. Once I really started to see success with my first two blogs, I decided to create my third, so I could help others see succss on their blogging journey as well.

Blogging has become so much more than just a hobby for me. It is a journey of learning a new skill and continuously educating myself. It has allowed me to share my own knowledge and life experiences with others. A place where I can learn about myself through constant self-reflection via writing. And, most recently a way for me to create a side income. 

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How I Stared a Blog & Created a Side Income

Life is hard. Whether you are a struggling student, working full time but drowing in debt, or maybe you are a stay at home mom, blogging can be a great opportunity for you. Maybe you want to make a little extra income on the side, contribute to your families financial needs, or maybe you want to replace your income completely and quit your job. Blogging has the potential to help you do any of those things. 

Blogging is also an amazing creative outlet. Blogging has become more than just my hobby, it has become something I love doing. I enjoy writing and creating and in my downtime I am almost always working on my blogs. I also earn a decent side income. I am currently home with my daughter, and blogging provides me a nice little cushion while I am away from my regular job and paycheck. 

The best part is most of the income that comes from my blog is passive. I use affiliate links, and auto processes to complete sales of products I have created. You can do this too. 

Imagine if you could make an extra $500 - $1000 (+) dollars monthly? How would that impact your life?

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**Please note this page may contain affilite links.

Build Your Blog: A 6 Week Plan for Building a Successful Blog

The Build Your Blog 6 Week Plan is a FREE resource to help you start, launch, grow, and monetize your blog from the very beginning!

Build the foundation needed for a successful blog before you even launch. 

You will have all the tools in place to grow and make money from your blog from day one with this easy to follow 6 week plan!

Are you ready to start your very own blog and earn an inme from home?


Yes! If you are willing to put in the time & effort to grow your blog and audience, there are many ways to generate income. You can use affiliate links, create and sell products, e-books or courses, take on sponsered posts, sell your services, etc. Below I have provided some monthly income reports for a few of my favorite bloggers to help you see the potential.

 Michelle of

$113,000 /month

J from

 $2500 /month 

Lotus from

$5,000 /month

How I Make Money With My Blog

I just recently started putting effort in to make an income from my blog. Over the past two months I have made over $2000.00 from my blog. I have only monetized one of my three blogs, but plan to monetize all of them eventually. I use a mix of affiliate links, selling my own products, and creatng and selling courses. 

I plan to continue to grow my blogs even furture over the next few months, and hope to grow my blog income even more. 

Since taking the correct steps to monetize my blog, I have seen growth in my income each month consistently!

Blog Income

You Can Do This Too! 

You can create a blog & start earning a side income too! I won't sit here and tell you it does not take time & work to start seeing a decent income from your blog. But if you LOVE doing it, it is so worth it. If you want to connect with other like minded people, help others, learn, grow, and create, then blogging is totally for you. If you are simply looking for a get rich quick scheme, this is not the route to get you there. BUT, with work and determination, and the right tools and strategies, you can totally start seeing money from your blog in as little as 3 months! 

How Do I Get Started?

Starting a blog can feel SUPER overwhelming. There are so many steps from choosing a blog name, a platform, a host, a domain, a niche, and then setting all of those up! Lucky for you I created a super easy to follow STEP-BY-STEP guide to get you started in less than 15 minutes (coming up below). Plus I included the steps to take AFTER you get set up to get you well on your way to creating a successful blog.

Before we jump into the steps, I wanted to quickly review some blog terms mentioned. I found these rather confusing in the beginning and I needed some clarification. 

So, basically when I talk about a blog host, platform, and domain, the easiest way to think of it is this:

Your Host = A Mall

Your Platform = A Store in Mall 

Your Domain = The Name of Your Store in the Mall

Compared to starting other businesses that can provide you income, blogging is very inexpensive to start. For about $5 per month you can set up a professional, self-hosted blog.  

There are free platforms out there, such as Blogger and, and they are great if you are stricktly planning to blog as a hobby – but if you really want to monetize your blog, even down the road, you’ll need to have a dedicated blog that is self-hosted. With a self-hosted blog you are able to control all of the content on your blog and you have complete ownership of it.  

That’s why you need a self-hosted blog with (not – the free platform). When you self-host your blog, you have control of the content and you own your site. You’re also able to monetize it – which I know is often the goal for starting a blog!  

Also, if going the free route, and using, there will be ads placed on your site that don't even bring youany income and can make your blog look ugly. But if you self-host with and SiteGround, you have control of any advertisements you put on your site, or if you should even go that route.  

Lastly, and this one is a biggie, on the free platform you cannot customize your site, you can’t add plugins to supercharge your blog and your site can be taken down at any time if you violate the Terms of Service.  

So yes, personally I believe signing up for a self-host blog with and SiteGround is totally worth the $5-$10 dollars per month because it will give you complete control over your content allowing you to grow your blog into a successful one! 

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Why Chose Siteground as Your Host?

Siteground was not the first hosting service I used. I used a different host for about two year, but dealt with CONSTANT downtime again and again. When your site is down, you are potentially losing page view, subscribers, and purchases. Not cool! So I did some research and decided to switch to Siteground. I have been SO happy with my decision. They have amazing support, 99.9% Up Time, and are super user friendly! 

For more details about everything I love about Siteground just CLICK HERE.


Step by Step Overview Of Starting a Blog

STEP 1: Figuring Out Your Passion + Niche: What are you passionate about? What are your strengths? What skills do you have? How can you turn your passion and skills into a profitable Blog?

STEP 2: Domain Name: What will you call your blog? 

STEP 3: Choosing a host + plan: Use a fast and reliable hosting provider like Siteground & plan that will best suit your needs.

STEP 4: Install Wordpress: This is the platform you will use for your blog

STEP 5: Login to Your Blog: Explore your new blog & all the backend features

STEP 6: Pick a Theme: Either use a free theme OR purchase theme of your choice

STEP 7: Create Your First Blog Post: Write 5-6 posts before launching to look more established

STEP 8: Invest in Your Blog: For quicker growth and guidance, pick a course or book to help you.

STEP 9: Focus on Traffic & List Building: Use tools such as pinterest & convertkit to grow your reach and build your e-mail list.

STEP 10: Decide How to Monetize Your Blog: 

The Blog Beginner Workbook + Step by Step Guide

If you want the 10 Steps broken down into more detail then download the FREE Blog Beginner Workbook! The Workbook goes over each step in detail and gives you tips and strategies for posting your first blog post & growing your blog!

Not interested in the Workbook? Just need help getting set up? Simply follow the easy steps below to get set up on Siteground!

Start A Blog

Getting Your Hosting + Website Set Up With Siteground

1. The first step is heading to Siteground

Click HERE to head over to Siteground to choose the plan you would like to host your blog! Use MY LINK and get 60% off your hosting plan! YAY!!

If you’re a brand new blogger, you could easily go with the StartUp plan. I personally use the GrowBig plan because it allows me to host multiple websites.I currently have two, and plan to probably start one more. So that feature was important to me!

For many beginning bloggers it’s hard to decide on a niche. And the GrowBig plan allows you to setup more than one website so you can test different niches as you are starting out. With the GrowBig plan you also get super duper fast customer service, which as a new blogger can be SUPER helpful. Your blog will also load faster which gives you higher rankings in Google! That can help you majorly when it comes to blog growth! And lastly it has one year of free WildCard SSL which is extremely important for all online businesses. What it means is that it keeps your website more secure. 

For the extra $2 per month, I thought it was worthwhile to go with the GrowBig plan, but it is completely up to you and your needs.

Start A Blog
Start A Blog

Now you will be asked to pick your domain name and input all of your information. You can decide if you want Domain Privacy and HackAlerting (I recommend it) But it it totally your choice. Simply follow through the steps until you are able to login to your Siteground account. 

2. Install WordPress 

Now, like I mentioned earlier, Siteground hosts your website, but Wordpress is where you will actually build your website. So this step is pretty important! 

Once you login to Siteground simply click the "My Accounts" tab and then click the red button that says "Go to cPanel"

Then scroll down until you see the "WordPress Tools" Section, and click "WordPress Installer".

Hit the blue "install button". You will be brought to a page where you will need to fill in some information. 

Incase you get stuck this may help:  

Choose Protocol: most likely it is: http://  

Choose Domain: The domain name you chose earlier should be in the dropdown menu.  

In Directory: you can leave this blank.  

Site Name: choose a site name, you can change this later.  

Site Description: choose a site description, you can always change this later.  

**Admin Username: choose a username. You will use this when you login to the backend of your blog (wordpress). Remember this!  

**Admin Password: choose a password. You will use this when you login to the backend of your blog. Remember this!  

Admin Email: provide your email.  

Choose a Theme to Install: you can install a theme from here or you can install a theme when you log into WordPress in the next step. You can start off with a free theme and upgrade later if you want a paid theme. Your theme can always be changed!

Click Install

3. Login to Your WordPress  

simply head to and login using the user name & password you picked in the previous step.

4. Explore Your New Blog

Click around and explore your new blog and what tools do what. Some useful options are "posts", "pages", "Appearance", and "Plugins" to get you started

5. Create Your First Blog Post

Navigate to the "Post" on the sidebar area & Create your first post!

You now have your very own Blog! CONGRATULATIONS!!