I’m Kendra, the face behind KendraBlogs!

I created KendraBlogs as a way to help others create and grow their own blogs. I also help current bloggers grow their blog income and create a side hustle from their blogs.

My own blogging journey started 2 years ago when I created my first blog. That blog was dedicated to self-development and personal growth in your twenties, and it provided me with so much knowledge and growth both personally and as a blogger.

Blogging has become such a passion of mine, and I truly enjoy every aspect of it. While I love blogging, I also LOVE teaching. More specifically, I love creating workbooks, courses, and other teaching materials. I actually have a background in HR, and my favorite aspect of my HR career was always the training and development side of it. So, it totally makes sense that I also love that aspect of blogging.

While I love my other blogs, and I do feel they are growing successfully, I wanted to create a space where I could combine my passion for blogging, and my love for teaching, to help others create, grow, and monetize their own blogs.

So, while KendraBlogs is fairly new, I have SO much planned and I have so much that I want to implement. So, stay tuned!

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