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Hey! I’m Kendra

The Face Behind KendraBLOGS

I’m the face behind kendraBLOGS. I have almost 3 years of blogging experience and currently run two different blogs.


My first blog Adjusting to Adulthood, is all about personal growth & development. That blog was what lead to my passion for blogging. I loved helping people through my own creative outlet. 


I was constantly getting questions from my community about blogging and how I started my blog, etc., so I decided to start another blog to help people create and grow their own wonderful online platforms. That is how kendraBLOGS was created! 


I have a background in Human Resources, and I always loved the learning & development side of my career. I loved putting together training material, and presenting courses to others. I have also always been a creative person. So, it makes total sense that I now teach others to blog through creating online conent, courses, and digital products. 


While I blog because I absolutely LOVE it. The biggest reason I work so hard on this passion is my 1 year old daughter. I want to create an online business centered around my love for blogging, and generate a full time income so I can be a stay at home mom and have the flexibility to put my family first. 


I talk all aboutmy journey to achieve a full time career from my blogging passion here on kendraBLOGS. I share everything that is working for me as well as what isn’t. I share these details to help my readers also pursue their passion for blogging and building an online platform that can provide them profit.