Grow Your Blog with This Step-by-Step Pinterest Plan

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Whether you are a brand new blogger, or have been blogging for years, you need a solid Pinterest Strategy.

This is my third blog, and just like my other two, Pinterest is my main source of traffic, and I mean.. by a landslide. Creating a professional and optimized Pinterest Profile is just the first step! There is so much more you can be doing to ensure you are using Pinterest in the most effective way, which in return will drive the more traffic to your blog. We all want that right?

This is a screen shot of my Google Analytics account to show you the impact Pinterest has on my blog traffic:

Traffic | Pinterest


So, the numbers don’t lie. This chart is showing us HOW people are finding my blog. As you can see, out of my 27,858 visitors, over 22,000 come from Pinterest. If I was not using Pinterest, or not using it effectively, I would have approx 5,000 people visiting my site. That is a BIG difference in blog traffic.

So, the question is are you using Pinterest yet? OR, if you are, are you using Pinterest to its full potential??

Today I am going to walk you through exactly how to optimize your Pinterest account to skyrocket your blog traffic.

Let’s get started:

Step 1 | Sign up for a Pinterest Business Account

whether you are brand new to Pinterest or you already have an account, the first thing you need to do is switch to a business account. The reason this is SO important, is because with the business account you gain access to all your Pinterest stats and analytics! Having this information allows you to see your growth, your top pins, the people you reach, your daily views and impressions, etc.

It is still completely free to switch to a business account, and you can find the option in your settings area.

Step 2 | Confirm Your Website

Next, you are going to want to claim your website. You can also find this option under your settings area on Pinterest. Simply follow the directions, and verify your website. Once you confirm your website, you gain the access to your complete analytics.

Step 3 | Enable Sharing Buttons on Your Blog

You are going to want to enable your sharing buttons on your blog. You can usually do this through your Theme, or you can download a plugin. I use SumoMe, and have the Share Buttons down the side of my posts so they are nice and visible.

You also want Pinterest to be your FIRST share button option!

Step 4 | Optimize Your Profile

Okay so there are a few steps within this step:

>> Profile Picture

You want your profile photo to be clean and professional. A head shot, with a clean background is ideal.

>> Title & Bio

You want to use keywords in both your “title” and your bio. Ideally your title should appear as follows: Your Name | Blog Name | Key Words. So mine for example would be: Kendra @ KendraBlogs | Blogging Tips + Blog Growth Strategies. You want to come up when people search for a word related to your blog. So, for example, if your blog about fitness, you would want to ensure the word fitness is included in your title AND bio.

You also want it to be super clear to the people coming across your Pinterest account, what you are all about. So Someone who looked at my profile would know right away that I blog about blog growth strategies.

Your Bio is the same. You fill in a little blurb about what your all about, and then add 3-5 key words at the end to make your account more likely to come up when people search those words. So, at the end of my Bio I have: Start a Blog + Blogging tips + Grow your blog + Monetize Your blog. Now, when anyone searching those words, I will be more likely to show up!

The more eyes on your Pinterest the better!

>> Relevant & Niche related boards ONLY

Something I see a lot, is bloggers with irrelevant boards on their Pinterest profile. If you blog about fashion, and you have boards about recipes, home decor, and parenting, people will get confused as to what your brand is. You want your account to appear brand specific. That means having boards ONLY related to what you blog about.

Many people start a blog and simply start using their Personal Pinterest account that they already used prior. The problem with this is that you probably have a whole bunch of boards that have nothing to do with your niche or brand. And the followers you already have, may not be your ideal audience, so even though you have some followers already, they are no help if they don’t care about your niche or won’t have any desire to re-pin your pins.

You are better off keeping your personal Pinterest personal, and creating a brand new one for your blog. When you create your new account, create 7-10 boards related to your niche, and then ONE board dedicated to only pins from your blog. This is important, and it should be your very first board. You can call it The Best of [Your Blog Name], or something along those lines. This is the board you will ALWAYS pin your blog posts to, and will only contain posts from YOUR BLOG. This is the board people will go to to find your posts specifically, and it will show people what you are all about!

As soon as I finish a blog post, I pin it to my “Best of” board, and then I re-pin to the other relevant boards as needed.

>> Brand Your Boards (Optional)

Something else many bloggers do to go one step further with their branding, is create a Board “Cover”. Mine Looks like this:

It simply makes your profile look clean and professional. You can just create an image in the same way you would your pinnable graphics (I use Canva), and then manually add them to your boards. You can then edit your boards and use the Change Cover option.

>> Board Key Words

Just like in your title and bio, you also want to add key words to your boards. You simply go into the edit feature and add them under description. Use any relevant keywords that relate to that board.

Step 5 | Start Pinning Relevant Pins to Your Boards

Start pinning relevant content to fill up your boards. The more often you pin, the more your Pinterest will grow.

Step 6 | Follow Other Bloggers in Your Niche

Start following other bloggers in your niche, and pinning their pins. Another great tip is to start looking at which group boards they are in. I will talk more about group boards below!

Step 7 | Create Pin Worthy Pins for Each of Your Blog Posts

For every blog post your currently have + any your write in the future, you want to include a “pinnable graphic”. This will be a graphic that is ideal in the Pinterest world. You will include it somewhere within your blog post, so that when people want to share your post, there is an image that is made specifically to be shared on Pinterest. If you optimize your “pinnable image”, when it is shared, it has a much better chance of being re-pinned.

You also need a image to share on your “Best of” Board, so you will need to create pinnable images for that anyway! The key is to use long vertical images. I typically use 800 (width) x 1200 (height). I sometimes use longer. Here is an example of my pinnable image for this post:

Grow Your Blog | Pinterest | Blog Growth | Traffic | Blogging

Another trick I like to use is scrolling through Pinterest and paying attention to what catches my eye, and then use those pins as inspiration for my own. This could be a color, a font, etc.

Step 8 | Start Joining Relevant Group Boards

This is a crucial step in gaining traffic and having viral pins. You want to join group boards because if you are just starting out on Pinterest, your following is probably minimal. Being able to pin to a group board, allows you to get your pins in front of thousands of eyes, which in turn brings traffic to your blog! Group boards are also a great way to find relevant pins to pin to your boards, and other people to follow that are in a similar niche!

The key to group boards is joining boards that are relevant to your niche, and that have 1k + followers. If group boards are accepting contributors, they usually ask that you follow the board, and then email the email listed and simply ask to join! In your email you should include your niche, blog URL, and your pinterest URL.

Step 9 | Join Tailwind

Tailwind is a really great tool for Pinterest Growth. The reason for this is because they really do all the work for you. Basically, it is a tool that you can basically set & forget. You can set them so they pin FOR YOU. That way your not spending hours and hours all day trying to pin as much as possible so your account grows. You can spend that time creating killer content instead.

Tailwind has some really great features such as Tribe, Smart Scheduling, Pin Analytics, and it is also super easy to use.

You can actually sign up and get a free trail to give it a try! If you like it then you can sign up for the paid plan which is about $15 per month, or less if you pay annually.

Grab Your Free Trial of Tailwind HERE.


Step 10 | Optimize Your Blog Post Pins with Key Words

The next thing I want you to do is go into your “Best of” Board and for each pin, click edit, and add keywords to the description! Similar to what you did in your profile, key words will help people find your pins easily, because when they search for those keywords your pin is more likely to come up.

Include this step on all your new blog post pins going forward!

Step 11 | Rinse & Repeat

Now that you have optimized your Pinterest, you will want to continue a few of these steps repeatedly. Those steps would be:

>Following Bloggers in Your Niche

>Finding and Joining Group Boards

>Scheduling Pins via Tailwind or Boardbooster (or both)

Creating Pinnable images for you blog posts

Using Keywords in your pins


There you have it! Follow these 11 steps to optimize your Pinterest and grow your traffic! Even with a small number of followers, you can still have viral pins and tons of traffic from Pinterest because you are joining those group boards! Any pin you are pinning to the group boards are being put in front of a much larger audience, and that can help your monthly views and engagement even without people following your account.

Happy Pinning! 🙂


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