6 Awesome Ways to Make Money With Your Blog

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Please note this post may contain affiliate links. For more information please see my disclosure page.


Earning an income from your blog is not an urban legend, I promise! Whether you are just starting out and have no idea what you are doing, or you are a more seasoned blogger who has tried and tried with no success, I am here to tell you it is possible to earn an income from your blog. The key is figuring out how to monetize your blog in a way that works for your audience and your niche. Not all blogs are the same, so of course there is not a one size fits all method to earning an income.

Now,with that being said, you definitely can make some decent money, especially with a niche blog. You can even do it within just a few months (if you are willing to put in time and effort, of course). The thing with a niche blog over a blog with no specific topic or niche, is that it can rank highly on search engines because it is highly focused, so it is more likely to grow quickly and attract more traffic. These are both great things when it comes to earning an income with your blog!

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So, What Is a Niche Blog Anyway?

A niche blog focuses on a specific topic. Your Niche can be broad or specific. For example, healthy living is a pretty broad topic to blog about, but blogging only about prepping healthy meals, is much more specific.

This blog is all about Creating a Successful blog, and the content is very clear from the moment someone visits my blog. If I always blogged about creating and growing blogs, and then one day I wrote a post about fashion, people would be confused and probably uninterested. By having a specific Niche, I know exactly who my audience is, and I can then tailor my posts, and my strategies to earn an income, around my audience and their needs.

To start a Niche Blog you will want to:

  • Pick a niche
  • Purchase your domain name and hosting service
  • Choose your blogging platform such as WordPress
  • Customize your blog and get it set up
  • Add relevant content
  • Grow your blog and bring in traffic

Also, if you are just getting started, I recommend starting with my step-by-step tutorial on How to Start a Blog.

Now, If you already have your blog up and running, and you are ready to start creating an income, here are 6 ways that you can make money with your blog:

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1 | Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing, simply put, is when you recommend products or service to your audience, and earn a commission if they purchase or sign up for those products or service by using your specific affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money by simply placing an affiliate link on your website, in an email to your subscribers, on social media, etc. Your readers then click the link, and if they purchase (or something just simply sign up) you receive a commission. Easy right?

In order to start using affiliate links, you’ll need to sign up for an affiliate program with a company of the product or service you believe in. Then, once you receive your link, you can place it in blog posts, on social media, in your emails to subscribers, or wherever you want.

Affiliate marketing is great because it can easily become passive income once you put your systems in place. When you insert your links in a blog post, any visitors to that post from then onward can click your link and make a purchase. So basically, you can earn money while you sleep. But, you must always disclose affiliate links when you post them. This is so your audience is aware that you are receiving a small commission through their purchase. I have a disclosure page on my site that explains how I use affiliates.

When using affiliate marketing, it’s important to gain your audience’s trust and only promote services and products you actually use, enjoy, and believe would help your audience. Some of my favorite affiliate programs include:

You can also join reputable affiliate networks. Affiliate networks work with a range of individual merchants or companies. Once you are accepted by an affiliate advertising network, you can apply to any of the different merchants that are relevant to your audience, and become an affiliate. My favorite Affiliate Network is ShareASale. It is also a great place to start for bloggers who are new to affiliate marketing because they have a wide range of Merchants to choose from, and there is something for every niche!

One thing I will say is that affiliate marketing is more then just plopping links on your blog posts. It actually involves strategic planning in order to see success. But, it is worth it to learn and put forth the effort, because it can truly bring in a large income.

One thing you can do to speed up the learning process is to check out the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course. So many successful bloggers, myself included, have invested in this valuable course. I also guarantee that any blogger who has taken it, will rave about how much valuable information it contains. The creator,  Michelle, earns around $50k+ from affiliate marketing along EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. That is the potential affiliate marketing has!!!

Michelle shares all her best tips and strategies in the course, provides worksheets and action steps, and you also get access to the private Facebook group, which is rich with so much knowledge and information all on its own!

+ You Can Read More About Affiliate Marketing in This Post: Affiliate Marketing: How to Start Making Money With Affiliate Links

2 | Advertising

Now, I do not personally (at least not currently) use ads on my blog, but many bloggers do run online ads to monetize their websites. I would say that Google AdSense is the most popular advertising program you can run on your blog to earn an income. AdSense is also Pay Per Click, which means you are paid every time someone clicks on an ad on your blog. The amount you receive per click varies depending on the company or advertiser as well as the location of the visitor. Another option is PPV (Pay Per View) ads. With PPV you typically earn around $1 to $2 per 1,000 page views. Some notable PPV ad programs are Media.net and Infolinks.

In summary, the more traffic your website has, the more ad revenue you can earn. Therefor, Ads are not always the best option for new bloggers as your income will be very dependent on your traffic.

3 | Create and Sell an E-Book

Another great way to make money is to write an eBook about a topic you have knowledge of, and use your blog as a platform to sell it. The one thing  to keep in mind is to write about something that is relevant to the topic of your blog because you want it to appeal to your audience. When you create a trusting and loyal email list, you can also pitch your e-book to your list as a method of selling.

4 | Sponsored Posts

Another option is to do sponsored posts. There are many products and companies that will actually pay to have you write a blog post about their product, service, website, etc.  Typically, the company simply requires you to include a link back to their blog or website to help bring them traffic and customers.

The more traffic and page views your blog has, the more your are able to charge per sponsored post.

So, as mentioned, usually the company will pay you to review or discuss their products and services on your blog, social media, in an email to your subscribers, etc. But one thing you want to make sure of, is that you are being transparent to your readers when you do a sponsored post so that you do not ruin your relationship with them or break their trust.

A helpful way to earn more sponsored post opportunities is by creating a media kit. A media kit will include your website’s mission, page views, demographics, as well as your rates for posts, reviews, etc.

5 | Offer Services

Offering your services may not be a direct way to earn money from your blog, but you can use your blog as a platform to promote yourself and your work. Some options would be to offer services as a blogger, freelance writer or virtual assistant, depending on your skill set. Obviously, if you write content for your own blog, you can also do that for others for a charge.

There are actually many blogs that will pay to have bloggers write posts or articles for them. The best way to get started with this is to create a “Work With Me” Page and have it displayed on your own blog. This lets others know what you offer. It is also a place to send potential clients that has all of your information in one place.

6 | Sell Products and/or Courses

Lastly, a great way to earn an income from your blog, it to create and sell your own products and/or courses. I have personally created and sold digital downloads as well as courses, and have enjoyed the success and income they have provided. The great thing with digital products and courses are that you do the initial work of creating them, and then you can set it up so you make mostly passive income from them. You also obviously want any product or course to be related to your blog niche so when pitching to your readers, they will have an interest in the topic.

The key with products and courses is strategically planning your launch, and also being strategic with your sales pages, linking within your blog posts, and using your email list to pitch to. Doing all of these things properly will ensure success in bringing in a decent income. It also helps to establish a strong and loyal email list prior to pitching a product or course, as a large portion of your sales will come from your email list. Your list does not have to be huge, but you do have to build trust and engagement for your subscribers to want to buy.


So, now that you know all of the ways in which you can generate an income from your blog, the next step is to analyze which option(s) will work best for your blog, niche, and audience. Once you decide, you will need to create a strategy and implement it. One thing I recommend is utilizing your email list where you can. Those are people that have already trusted you enough to sign up to your community. They are much more likely to take your advice and purchase a recommended product or service, or better yet, buy YOUR product or course.

You can also check out the tools I use to monetize my blog in my Blogging Toolkit 🙂

Good luck on your blogging venture! If you ever have any questions, please feel free to comment or reach out to me, I will be happy to help in whatever way I can!

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